Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jamerose by Vigny c1919

Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle for Jamerose by Vigny, circa 1919.

Bottle stands 4.72" tall (12 cm) barrel shaped body having line decoration with pointed stopper. With the original box and original enameled decanter tag.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sylphide by Lalique c2000


The 2000 Limited Edition Flacon Collection Perfume Bottle by LALIQUE The master glassmaker of the Art Deco period, Rene Lalique, was an eclectic artist whose technological and commercial innovations revolutionized the world of perfume.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Les Muses by Parfums Lalique c1994

  • Model name: Les Muses
  • Bottle type: commercial
  • Introduced: 1994
  • Status: limited edition
  • Fragrance: Lalique by Lalique
  • Concentration: parfum/extrait
  • Capacity: 60ml/2 fl oz

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chose Promise by Fioret c1924

Chose Promise by Fioret c1924

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tresor de la Mer by Lalique for Saks Fifth Avenue c1936

In 1939, Saks Fifth Avenue celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of their department store, which had opened in 1889. To herald this achievement, in 1936, they commissioned a special perfume bottle to be created by master craftsman, Rene Lalique.

Lalique answered the call with a fabulous perfume flacon in the shape of a pearl, hidden inside an giant sea shell box, called the Tresor de la Mer, or Treasure of the Sea.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rose Rouge by Roger et Gallet c1921

Rose Rouge by Roger et Gallet c1921. Just under 4 and 1/2 inches tall with vertical strips of rose decoration and matching stopper selling along with the original box.

photo by Perfume Bottles Auction

Ganika by D'Orsay c1923

Ganika by D'Orsay c1923

Fleurs Vives by Volnay c1920

Fleurs Vives by Volnay c1920-1925. R. LALIQUE clear glass, molded stopper. Base molded: R. LALIQUE. Stands 5 inches high (12.7 cm). M p. 951, 10.

photo by Heritage Auctions

Rose Ambree by D'Orsay c1920

Lalique Perfume Bottle for Rose Ambree by D'Orsay, 7.5 centimeters tall, rectangular body with a thin notched lines design also echoed in the rectangular stopper in original unopened box. Model: D'Orsay-Perfume-17 Circa 1920.

photo from The Collector

Fleurette Bleue by D'Orsay c1919 and Chupaflor by Dralle c1920

Both commercial bottles. Bottle on left is Fleurettes Bleue by Dorsay from 1919. The bottle on the right is Chupaflor by Dralle from 1920.

Naiades c1912

Naiades purse perfume flacon, measures 5.7 centimeters tall, round glass with a design of the mythical female figures highlighted by brown staining, c1912. Maison Lalique.

photo by Est-Ouest

Un Air Embaume by Rigaud c1914

Originally Posted on March 24, 2010 at 12:10 AM on my original Cleopatra's Boudoir site.

In 1914, Henri Rigaud became sole proprietor of the French perfumerie Veuve Rigaud, whose name then became simply “Rigaud.” For the occasion, he launched the famous perfume “Un Air Embaumé.” (Perfumed Breezes). It was a remarkable success; 30 years after its creation, its users were still faithful to it.

So what does it smell like? This subtle Oriental fragrance of remarkable finesse and distinction is delicate and persistent with a sharp and dry woody note on amber, created by Marius Reboul of Givaudan.

  • Top notes: green notes, bitter, sweet
  • Heart notes: floral bouquet, creamy notes, powdered almonds
  • Base notes: animal musk, warm amber, cedar, orris, vetiver

Un Air Embaume was solely distributed by George Borgfeldt & Co, an importer out of New York. Products available were: rouge, sachet, parfum extract, face powder, toilet water, talcum powder, solid face powder, and a vanity case.

To illustrate the advertisements, the photographer Mady’s portrayed Mlle Fabrice, kneeling respectfully before a perfume bottle, in an image that was particularly evocative of the voluptuous sensation awakened by the fragrance of this exquisite perfume. Other ads relied on an Egyptian beauty or groups of harem girls to lend a bit of the exotic to their 1920s advertisements.

The sumptuous flacon for Un Air Embaume is very distinct and made up of clear and frosted glass, the sides are molded with nudes rising in smoke from perfume burners, the bottle was then decorated with applied sienna colored patina. The bottle was advertised as being manufactured by Lalique, but there is no existing reference to this being made by Lalique in any of the official Lalique literature. The bottle was actually produced in the Bresle valley in France by the Darras Glassworks.

Photos by Perfume Bottles Auction.

Exportation halted to the USA by WWII, then resumed exportation in 1947. In 1956, a spray mechanism was added to bottles of Un Air Embaume. The perfume continued to be sold until around 1967 then it was discontinued.

A 1926 advertisement reads:
“To the woman of genuine social distinction, only a very few of perfumes are acceptable. Mong them is Rigaud’s Un Air Embaume, a truly continental fragrance of most intriguing personality…Parfum Un Air Embaume and the various other aids, to loveliness bearing this same scent are all created in Paris, Doubtless you know them. Of course you know from the newspapers that this was the perfume selected to scent the Vanderbilt house at the time of the recent Consuelo Vanderbilt -Earl ET Smith wedding.”

Un Air Embaumé even inspired poets; Elie Brachet wrote:

“(…Dans Un Air Embaumé qui grise, Les jours coulent si tendrement Qu’on croit entendre dans la brise L’amour chanter pieusement.”  
“(…With the heady redolence of Un Air Embaumé Days pass with such tenderness That in the soft breeze one imagines one hears The voice of Amor devoutly singing.”

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dame au Saphir by Arys c1920

Dame au Saphir by Arys c1920, clear glass bottle, frosted, molded glass stopper.

Muguet by Coty c1920

Muguet by Coty c1920

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chypre by Galeries Lafayette c1919

Chypre by Galeries Lafayette, c1919, perfume bottle by Rene Lalique.

Camelias by D'Orsay c1912

Camelias by D'Orsay, c1912, perfume bottle by Rene Lalique, clear glass, wide at the shoulders with a blue patinated flower in the center of the body, 9 centimeters tall . 

Photo by Couteau Bergarie

Camelia by D'Orsay c1912, clear and frosted glass perfume bottle, molded with an image of a camelia blossom on the front, applied patina, manufactured by Rene Lalique. This bottle came in two sizes.

Photo by Boisgirard and Associes

Group of Arys Perfumes c1917-1925

Group of Arys Perfumes, all made by Rene Lalique, c1917-1925, clear glass, all held various perfumes including Faisons un Reve, Le Muguet, Le Jasmin.

Faisons un Reve by Arys c1920

Faisons un Reve by Arys, circa 1920, perfume bottle by Rene Lalique, pressed feather design covering body of bottle as well as stopper. Both bottle and stopper are patinated in light blue. Signed on the underside with raised letters "ARYS R. Lalique". Bottle also carries original paper label "Faisons un Reve ARYS". SIZE: 4-3/4" t.

Photo by James D. Julia Auctions

Ambre Indien by Volnay c1921

Ambre Indien by Volnay, circa 1921, perfume bottle by Rene Lalique, clear and frosted crystal, 8.5 centimeters tall with matching vine design all over the body and stopper with dominating rectangular glass form. This bottle was known as the Entrelacs flacon and was used for various perfumes by Volnay including: Yapana, Rose Brumaire and Jasmin du Cap.

Photo by Néret-Minet & Tessier

Roses by D'Orsay c1912

Roses by D'Orsay, circa 1912, a Baccarat satinized crystal perfume bottle, with stopper and cover mounted with R. Lalique figural metalwork designed by Julian Viard in lavender suede box with gold moire interior, 1912. Stamped RL on metal. 5 3/8".

Photo by Rago Arts

Psyka by Roger et Gallet c1914

Psyka by Roger et Gallet, c1914, a clear and frosted perfume bottle and stopper, made by Rene Lalique, of flattened ovoid form with foliate molded flamiform stopper -- 10cm. high.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nenuphar by Maison Lalique c1911

Nenuphar by Maison Lalique c1911, perfume bottle of clear and frosted glass with green patina, c. 1911. Engraved R. Lalique France.

Photo from Rago Arts

Telline by Maison Lalique c1920

Telline by Maison Lalique c1920, perfume bottle in frosted glass. Molded and script R. Lalique signatures. 4 in. This bottle can come with various colored applied patina.

Photo by Perfume Bottles Auction

photo by Rago Arts

Serpent by Maison Lalique c1920

Serpent by Maison Lalique, c1920, perfume bottle, made up of frosted and polished glass, 3 1/2" high, molded 'Lalique'. This bottle can be found with various colors of applied patina.

Photo by Rago Arts